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Al Basha Cuisine

Al Basha derives its name from Family owned business that has been at the current location for more than 15 years with the executive chefs who leads a team of specialty cooks from Middle East. AlBasha introduces numerous authentic dishes such as Fatta with meat, Kallaya Chicken and vegetable and maza plate….that are specially prepared and are recognized for unique regions from Middle East . Traditional coffee, teas and creative desserts are just the toppings of AlBasha. Signature maza platters include hummus, baba ghannooj, msabaha topped with meat. The main courses focus on delicately marbled grilled meats that are cooked on flame grill. Guests can choose from variety of different cuts of lamb, beef and chicken (tauok, keftas, shawerma, lamb chops, quails and much more) or opt for the traditional chefs tasting menu featuring assorted successive servings of house specialties.